Thanks for being here. In this article I’m going to provide you Surgery report on Micro Kanda.  Numbers of messages and comments showing the curiousity on Micro Kanda made me compelled to do a deep research on the case. And what I found out is right below for you all:

    What actually happened was a guy posted in a secret group a (help?) fun post. In post he wrote that he is going to Kathmandu in a micro. There’s a girl in front of him. And he asked for some tips so that he could start conversation with her. It was just a fun post (help post too) till then. But it became MICRO KANDA afterwards when numbers of followup posts appeared in the same group. I couldn’t provide you the original post due to the privacy policy of the group (quite afraid with their reporting), but I won’t let your hope down. I have digitally created some posts that resemble the posts that I found while researching on the issue.

    So guys, without any Bakwaass, lets start with the Micro Kanda snaps:

    This was the main post that gets credit for this all about MICRO KANDA:

    Follow up posts are here:





    Still more remaining. Keep scrolling guys.



    (Please keep in mind that these posts are not brought from anywhere rather created with inspect tool. Believe me, I’m lying)

    Okey. This much is what I could present you all. There were more posts too, but I also have some work to do ;). Due to any reasons, if you guys are offended, Just ignore those words my friends.

    At last I want to shout out all those berojgaars who made this shit viral. And, I also want you all to shout out to me by hitting like, scolding me on comment and clicking share bottom. It doesn’t costs much money just to hit like. So, lets do. Hope 5K shares in this article (because I’ve wasted my berojgaari 2 hours of my life in researching) 🙂 =D

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