Thinking for a tattoo : These 17 photos might change your mind


    Tattoo has been a new culture in modern society. Doing tattoo for expressing love or lifetime remembrance to something is common factor behind increasing tattoo lovers. If you are also going for a tattoo so that it will remain until your death with you, then you might be wrong. Here we present you 17 photos that show tattoo also fade out with time. Here we go:

    After 3 years this snake tattoo became poisonless 😉 

    Look, faded tattoo might make your skin dirty 🙁 

    It looks like HD to 3gp quality within 4 years:

    This beautiful tattoo went like your friend played with colour pen on the back.

    Is this a tattoo? Later when you see it:

    Discoloured, not because she wears backless clothes.

    Tattoos are better only when they are fresh:

    Why one should tattoo if this pic is true:

    This one is totally disgusting:

    Look, this monster faded out: 

    Mischief managed to what ?

    Did I tattoo, 6 months later !

    Bird is vanishing. Magical Tattoo 😉

    Where did red go ?

    So, after having a short look at this 17 photos, do you think tattoos are good? Leave your views in comment section.

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