Producer VS Actress interview war : Who is wrong in case of Saayad 2


    Third film by Durgish Film Saayad 2 couldn’t stabilize itself in the trio war of DhanaPati, Ma Yasto Geet Gaauxu and Saayad 2. The banner which gave two blockbuster Hostel and Sayad couldn’t get hall occupancy as expected. Durgish Films has taken this as a normal process.

    But, it came to be a matter of news when Producer and Actress came up with video interview where they are blaming each other for the failure of film. Even, actress Sharon Shrestha has now blamed Sunil Rawal for Sexual Harrasement. Who is right and who is wrong? That is the matter of discussion and analysis now. The case came out in the media when Sunil Rawal blamed Sharon Shrestha for enjoying his big money. Then Sharon responded to him. See her interview here:

    Then Sunil Rawal again spoke about the issue. Watch here:

    It was all going in the way. But, again the issue took hype when Prakriti Shrestha, actress who was brought to Industry by the same Durgish Films posted in her facebook page about the issue. See here:

    Problem, loading/zooming the screenshot? Read here:

    Manche lai humiliate garnu, euta bolne somat nahunu, aru ko kamai ko paisa nadinu ra magda pani afno Mrs. lai involve garayera nanathari sunaune lai Sayad 2 ko producer Sunil Rawal vanincha. Yes this is the truth. I dont know about Sayad but since Hostel, he is doing these things to new comers. I hadn’t spoken about it because I had just stepped in in Nepali movie industry. I had that courage to stand against what he did to us but I was worried if I do so.. mero family le malai next time movie khelna dinu hunna. Maile bole vane entire team lai naramro hola ani media le hamro bare naramro gossiping garla vanne soch le maile vitra nai issue solve garna khojey. Tara he is that kinda person who is not even well educated or well mannered so I let it be. He says he is giving opportunities to new people. Tara kaslai thah cha how much he exploits them. Kati cases chan tara koi boldainan ra bole pani tyo media ma aaudaina.
    But thank you, Sharon that finally you spoke out. And I am really sorry that people dont belive you and blaming you for doing this all for publicity just because you couldn’t strongly present your opinions. I feel sorry that you came in the hope of doing something good here but you dint get any support because you stood against someone who has years of experience dealing with media and hiding his true character. I feel bad that people are saying wrong to you even when they know the truth. I am sorry that we dint speak about this before so you couldn’t have to face these all. 
    And this is one of the most bitter truths about media that people know but they don’t speak out.


    So, who is guilty here? We can’t decide, but present our perspective and hypothesis. What do you think? Leave in comment box so that we can make up the idea.

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