Nepathya back with BANG :Watch Ghar ko Kura official video here


    Again, Nepathya is back with the BANG. Watch their new music video here:

    You can directly watch the video on Youtube. Click here.

    Nepathya’s music video filmed with an iphone. The song ‘Ghar ko Kura’ was written in June 2004 and was included in their 6th album ‘Ghatana’ in 2005.

    The video of the song written in 2004 during Nepal’s insurgency period was filmed with an iphone during Nepathya’s US tour in 2016.

    Nepal was going through a Maoist conflict when Nepathya’s 6th album ‘Ghatana’ was released. Analyst at the time termed Nepathya’s album as a Musical War Archive of Nepal’s conflict and an Initiative for Peace.

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