WRONG TIME series CLOSED : Ur Style TV is brought new series “Hamro High School”


    As Ur Style TV is giving more priority to new web series “Hamro High School”, the popular web series Wrong Time is now over. Without official declaration, Wrong Time is closed. But, Wrong Time team is preparing to bring out new episodes from their own or any other channels rather that Ur Style TV.

    The problem rose when in 14th episode Ur Style Tv didn’t mentioned the name of main artists instead Cartoonz Crew was mentioned as featuring artist !

    “Wrong Time” has been the best series in this time and has been famous on Youtube and entered trending list on Youtube for many times also.
    As Wrong Time artists said to NAJ Entertainment, the Youtube channel Ur Style TV didn’t give priority to “Wrong Time” and they decided to end the series. Also, they will be back from another Youtube channel with new series !
    Hope they come soon with Wrong Time series 🙂

    Watch Hamro High School ep1 here:

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