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The Most Viewed Episode On Nepali YouTube “Wrong Time” Series is back with a bang. A couple of months earlier the same episode had become the most viewed and amazing episode on YouTube. After the success of Wrong Time Season 1, Ur Style has again begun the Same Wrong Time Season 2 series which is released from today onwards, that is, November 17, or Mangsir 1 and the proceeding date ahead.

This is one of the most entertaining web series in the Nepalese YouTube. In this series, generally, two brothers are bonded with their partner. They face a lot of challenges while going on date, making love, trying to appreciate. Amazing and the awkward thing is that, whenever they try something good, it never goes straight. A lot of barriers comes on the way they move on. That is why the series is named as “Wrong Time”, that is, everything goes wrong when they try to do something good. Due to this, they happen to become the most misleading person.

Somehow the series goes adult, but quite impeccable. The web series especially focuses on the current relationship what a couple will have, also, the web series encompasses the humor and the perception of a couple towards love, these days.

In this web series, Sahin Prajapati, Kushal Bista, Aashma Giri, Amita, Bikalpa Adhikari and Shishir Aryal are in the main role. The series is produced by Nitin Chand and Directed by Sahin Prajapati.

Hope to see the episode back with a bang with a lot of entertainment.

Watch the official Episode 1 for Wrong Time Season 2 uploaded by Ur Style TV.

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