Why an Indian boy can’t join Real Madrid FC


    Today we are here with an interesting topic. An indian guy asked ” I am from India. Can I join Real Madrid?“, then he got so many answers. A guy said a straight NO to his question. We present you that epic answer here. Read till the last, you will find it logical:


    Basically, no.

    Even if you were an exceptional footballer, and by that, I mean an order of magnitude better than any other Indian in history, there’s one big barrier to overcome…. Work permits.

    To get a work permit in Europe (as a non-European) requires your new employer to demonstrate to the government that you offer skills that cannot be provided by a European. As football is the national sport / public obsession in most European countries, you’re competing against millions of European boys who have been brought up immersed in football.

    The general test for a non-European work permit is for the applicant be a regular star in their National team, and to be recognisably strong in another domestic league. This is how South American & African footballers make it to Europe (though many do still fail to get work permits). For Asians, this is a much tougher sell, as the standard of Asian football leagues are generally low. There are very few Asian footballers playing in top European leagues.

    So basically, you need to become a superstar before you could even play in Europe, never mind for Real Madrid. Which means excelling in somewhere like Korea, Japan or the UAE, then possibly trying to ‘back door’ into Europe via the Russian or Ukrainian leagues.

    As you wouldn’t get in via the Youth route (because of work permits), your only chance to play for Real Madrid is to be bought. But as Real’s nickname is ‘Galacticos’, it should give you some idea as to how likely that is. You’d have to be comfortably one of the best players in the entire world, excelling for a team in one of the big four leagues (England, Spain, Germany or Italy). There are literally hundreds of thousands of professional footballers around the world; Real Madrid is completely unattainable for all but a vanishingly small percentage.

    You could bypass the work permit problem if your family moved to Europe and you became a naturalised citizen. But even then, there are very few British Indian footballers, and none in the top leagues.

    Basically, your Indian heritage is working against you on this one. My advice? Focus on being the best Indian footballer. Whether that means you ‘break’ into Europe or not shouldn’t matter. Your country has limited football infrastructure. If you can work to make it popular, and generate interest, then maybe an Indian boy in the future could break into Europe, and cite you as his inspiration.

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