Talking about the show, Nepal Idol is an international Pop Idol franchise came in Nepal for the first time. After auditions at different 7 big cities, Nepal idol came to theater round. Being broadcasted in AP1 HD, Nepal idol has now become more interesting. As predetermined, Judges should have selected 16 contestants till the end of theater round. But, they couldn’t do so and selected 18 contestants. It shows that upcoming rounds are gonna be tougher for contestants and more interesting for we audience.

    Let’s move on to the topic now. I’ve presented here few contestants who are presenting themselves as a strong contender in NEPAL IDOL.

    1. Buddha Lama

    Entered Nepal idol from Pokhara Audition, Buddha is a young guy of 17 years old. He impressed judges from the beginning. Judges flirted with him high on audition round after his age and dashing hairstyle. Going after his performance till the end of theater round, he can be considered as a strong contender for Nepal idol.

    2. Kengal Mehar Shrestha

    Kengal is a bachelor level student from Kathmandu, who performs in restro, lounges with her bands. This is plus point for her that made her journey of Nepal idol till Round of 18. Not only sweet voice, her cute smile and how she performs says all is she is the NEPAL IDOL. In second round of Nepal idol, really she rocked the competition with song timi jaane silagudi…

    3. Menuka Poudel

    It becomes more unbelievable for those who are reading this article but not watched Nepal idol show that Menuka is physically disabled. I’m sorry to write here that she has no vision. But she’s successfully going on in Nepal idol. She is good at classical songs and has impressed judges till the end of theater round. Despite singing, she’s interested in anchoring. After all, judges sometimes flirt with her by recommending being a politician. Her disability is an emotional part that might help her to be Nepal idol. Quoting here that she is disabled by birth doesn’t mean she has low performance than other contestants.

    4. Pratap Lama

    His strong voice and rock star looks is plus point for him. Previously, he showed his talents at Nepal Tara. Some of his fans even comment that he has the quality of being the judge. Personally saying, he is my Nepal idol being based on his performance. It’s a bitter or amazing experience for him and judge Indira that they both once participated in Nepali Tara and even became Nepali Tara. After Nepal Idol audition, Indira and Pratap recorded Motorcycle song.

    5. Afsar Ali

    Brother Sahil is already out from Nepal idol but Afsar is still with the team. He really left a good impression in audition round. He had also participated in Nepali Tara. A good knowledge in techniques of singing might make him Nepal Idol.

    These views are presented here after watching and listening to them. Views are personal. Feel free to comment your Nepal Idol in the comment box. If you liked the article, why not share among your circle!

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