Well, you all might have heard much about Ranju Darshana, Mayor candidate for Kathmandu Metropol. First thing is that her real name is Ranju Neupane. She herself took her name as Ranju Darshana. This shows she is dependent too. Many people criticized her for her age. Many supported her for her courage . Here I present you Ranju Darshana’s story :

    Having grown up witnessing politics mired in violence, murder and vandalism, Ranju Darshana was attracted to Bibeksheel Nepali’s non-violent stance and its way of doing politics that would not inconvenience the public. The 21-year-old first became involved with Bibeksheel Nepali Party three years ago to participate in the party’s campaign against banda (general shutdown) during the second constituent assembly elections.

    Following the anti-banda campaign, Ms. Darshana, who is currently Bibeksheel Nepali Party’s Media Department Chief as well as a central committee member, became associated with the party’s social services club and led various social programs. She was also actively involved in the relief programs after the 2015 earthquake. She headed the party’s Kathmandu District’s Executive Wing for eight months until December 2015.

    Darshana was elected as a central member at the party’s first general convention in December 2015. Frustrated with the government’s slow post-earthquake reconstruction progress, she actively participated in Bibeksheel Nepali’s month-long public awareness and pressure campaign. Darshana took leadership on behalf of Bibeksheel Nepali in supporting Dr. Govinda K.C.’s fight against corruption in the country’s medical education system and politics.

    Darshana was born and raised in Kathmandu. Raised by a single mother, she considers the women in her life and especially her grandmother as her source of inspiration to move ahead in life. As someone who is committed to making Nepal a prosperous nation, she is doing her undergraduate in development studies.

    Here we present you a short biography :

    She was born in 1996-03-03 . Her post in BN is Kathmandu District Executive Head .Besides politics, her Interest is in writing poem and social sector. She joined Bibeksheel Nepali on: 11/2/2013 13:01:42

    Ranju Darshana is a Nepali Human. She is an aspiring Female youth leader who dreams high as she believes, one must have to dream first to achieve later on. One of her greatest dreams is NEPAL. She is a torchbearer.

    Every one of us here is struggling in our life. The only difference is each one of us has a unique story of our life. But we also have many things similar within our life. And that is the environment we are in, the society we have been influenced by or compelled to be a follower of many cultures which are now not relevant.


    We don’t owe the materials above published. These are written here being based on Bibeksheel Nepali’s website and various news portals.

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