We have already covered prank in Nepal in few articles previously. Read Balance Transfer prank : Click here

    In this article we have answered the question of ” Who is first prankster of Nepal?” Recently in some interviews taken by YouTube channels, we have seen the disputes regarding first prankster in Nepal. Also few prankster have claimed themselves as a first prankster in Nepal. Who is the first prankster of Nepal might have been a a confusing question to our readers due to different claims by different pranksters.

    So, lets come to the point. Here we have embedded a Prank video. Have a look at this :

    Nepali Pranksters published this video on Jan 7, 2014.
    We can clearly see that this is not the first video because after 1:56, they overlay a screen with previous video. There is no prank video in Youtube from a Nepali channel that was posted prior to the date. Nepali Prankster is owned by Akash Sedhai, means he is the first prankster of Nepal. Also the claim of Ashish Prashai is answered by the video as they overlayed a text Special Thanks to Aasish Prasai means the claim by Ashish as a first Prankster is not totally true.

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