What is Belauti Kanda? (Hilarious Reaction)


Now a day, belauti (Called Guava in English) kanda is going viral in the social media like Facebook and Twitter. And yes many of the people are still in confusion about the Belauti kanda.

So what is belauti kanda?

You will go LOL after knowing the real fact about the belauti kanda.

If you are willing to know the belauti kanda then your quest is over now. Here you will know the actuality behind belauti kanda. It is actually realated to a video that has gone viral over internet. Yes a video, and in this video a woman from Nepal Sings a song “Belauti Paakyo” and a tourist from the foreign country try to imitate the same song, but guess what? The way he pronounced the words in the video in his own accent will give you a big LOL. Want to check the video out?

If so then here it is.

Click here to watch this video directly on Facebook

Amazed after watching video?

Yes, this is the latest viral humor going through out the social media at this moment. For more viral, sarcastic and humorous post, keep visiting our page.

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