Viral Vaidiyo- Video Featuring Sabin Karki ‘Beest’ & Dikshya Thakuri


Do you know Sabin Karki? Yes, probably you might be known about him. If not then this Article will help you to know about him. Sabin Karki is one of the famous celebrity on Youtube, he had made a lot of videos on YouTube, which are totally hilarious, astonishing, funny as well as interesting too. Moreover, he is the former leader of popular dance group Cartoon Crewz. You might have seen him in the song “Funtastic” by Cartoon Crewz.

You might have watched some videos by Sabin Karki on NAJ Entertainment earlier. Yes, this boy has come back with a bang this time. He has brought a new song “Viral Vaidiyo” featuring himself with a popular child artist. Do you know who is that child artist? She is none other than our own small cute girl “Diskhya Thakuri”. You might have watched a lot of videos of this cute little girl on YouTube earlier. Some other faces like Merry Khatri, Sabrina Gurung (Flow), Subham Bhujel, Shankar Dhungana (Kakku) and Xiring Theeng (A) are also in the video dance squad.

Editing skill, choreography, acting, and story base of this music video is impeccable. The video is in the Trending #2 Category while writing this Article. This song is composed, written and sung by “Manas Raj”. Songs of Manas are considered as best songs in the Nepali music industry.

The story basis is amazing and lovely. In this video the boy (sabin) sees a girl, he gets attracted towards her and he tries to impress her. In the meanwhile, he makes the small girl(Diskhya) as a mediator to get close to the girl since the girl was elder sister of her. He offers little girl sweets so that she can manage a quality time for both of them and he can have a good chance. While watching the video, you’ll see a Denim Jacket which makes you feel jealousy to get that. Even Ayush Rimal has commented on the video saying he wants the same Jacket.

Full Details and the video below:

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