Viral over twitter, four tweets worth sharing on your profile


Nepalese Twitter community grew rapidly once when Ncell had come up with free twitter scheme. Many unrevealed identity got famous over twitter and many talents got the platforms. Here we are presenting you all four tweets that you might want to share on your profile:

Nisha Sigdel is a radio journalist. One can find this tweet on top of her profile.

Soph!ya is a hidden identity. Only a few from her close circle know the real person behind this sarcastic hidden identity. Her tweet on caste system got viral over the internet. One from Brahmin community can’t stop himself/herself from sharing this.

Suman is a sarcastic writer. Each of the tweets he tweet contains a deeper level of sarcasm. A tweet on mothers’ love got viral over the internet. Still the likes and  RTs’ are increasing after couple of years from the date this tweet was published.

Lenin Banjade is a story writer, journalist and youth activist. His tweet reflecting the sorrow of Nepalese workers going abroad got viral over the web

So, these are the four tweets that you might find worth sharing. If you liked our article, like and share. If you have any comment/ suggestion, feel free to inbox/comment.

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