Vayo Vayo Viral Kanda Part 2


    Well, in this video you will come to know about the latest Humor and Viral Topic that is going on in Nepal. It’s about saying “I’m done !, I’m done !! (Vayo, Vayo– In the Nepali Language). Actually, this topic was viral few months ago all across the social medias in Nepal. In the video, a Boy who has gone for Bungee jump wears a safety helmet with a camera fitted on its top. That instant moment when he jumps from the height becomes different than he had imagined. When he jumps, the nervousness makes him react like a different person than usual. The way he reacts comes to be the Funniest part of the Video. He Says, “Vayo Vayo” (I’m done, I’m done – Nepali to English) and the way he screams looks like a childish person at the moment. The video will go you ROFL. You can check out the video here:

    Isn’t it funny?

    Now here we come with the latest video. A moment when Prankster Ashish was roaming out somewhere in Kathmandu saw a boy and a girl getting ready to ride on the vertical carousel. Ashish took his PS3 to capture video which was handed to a boy and a girl to capture their reaction. People often visit different places like Fun Park for recreational activities and yes, the vertical carousel that rotates making a complete 360 degrees angle is hilarious. The reaction shown by the girl in this video is quite amazing. At first, the girl seems like she is not scared but when the carousel starts rotating she couldn’t control herself. She scares and screams saying “Yuvraaj, rokna vann na” (Please tell someone to stop it- Nepali to English). The reaction of the girl here is totally hilarious and unbelievable. You’ll laugh out loud after watching this video which we’ve entitled as “Vayo Vayo Part 2”. The video was uploaded from NAJ Entertainment and got almost about 187K+ Views. The Video credit goes to Prankster Ashish. Watch the video here:

    Well, astounding yeah? How’s the video? Eagerly waiting to see Vayo Vayo Part 3 ?

    Drop down your perceptions in the comment section below. And yes, if you want to know or get any viral content going throughout the country then leave us a message. We will definitely post if that becomes viable for publishing.

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