UML gets criticized for using he BUFFALO in election based rally


    Today morning a photo went too viral over social media. The photo was from Jhapa where UML cadres and leaders were seen riding in Buffalo. They were on their election based program and used buffalo as a means of transportation . See the photo here:

    Then after social media went after the photo. Some said this is a good step as fuel consumption gets reduced.  Some talked about animal rights and some trolled whole CPN(UML) for this. Some criticized this with a popular saying of KP Oli during Peoples’ Movement II – Bayal Gaadaa. KP Oli had then criticized protesters by saying they won’t reach the US by using Bayal Gadha. Now, he is trying to go Canada using Raanga Gadha, one Facebook user commented on the photo.

    Here we are with few epic and worth reading comments on the photo:

    Saugat Poudel hit them hard with his comment:

    Majboor Khan came with the comment relating the incident with Madhes based parties’ movement:

    Alana Manandhar and Kumud Shah raised the issue of Animal rights which those cadres need to think on before doing so:

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