Few Tweets By A Nepali Guy That Went Too Viral


Before few years we had no proper Internet connection, no better access to social media, and yes no platform to display our talents. Singers who didn’t get stages never came into the highlight. Low profile politicians never got over the news. Biased media never published the news that might go against their favor. And yes we those who wanna get information,  ideas, opinions never got them first hand.

Now the time had changed. High-speed Internet connections through optical fibers, easy availability of Android phones and low rate mobile data has brought new talents to the top just because of social media.

In this article, we are presenting you all with a normal guy who expresses his feelings on social site Twitter. Unknowingly his tweets went viral over social media. How he showed his dedication and talent to Nepali literature just with Twitter, have a look at some viral tweets by Pushkal Sharma.


Here are only 19 tweets right? For missing one, visit his Twitter profile =D =D there you will get!

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