Travelling on Aeroplane ? Choosing a proper seat will inhance your experience


    What is the best seat on an aircraft? It’s a most asked question and has multiple answers, for the best seat on a plane depends entirely on your priorities as a passenger.

    With that in mind doing a keen research, we are here to reveal the best seats for you on aeroplane.

    If you’re safety conscious

    Due to business policy, aeroplane manufacturers will tell you that all seats are equal when it comes to matters of safety. But, mechanics doesn’t believes on this. A study done on 2007 found that passengers sitting near the tail of a plane were 40 percent more likely to survive a crash than those sitting in the first few rows. Amazed ? So, sit as far back as possible if you’re really safety conscious.

    If you want a speedy exit

    If you want a really fast escape from aeroplane, you need to grab a seat at the front of the plane on the left, which is where the exit is located and where passengers leave the aircraft from.

    If you want to sleep

    Sleep is hard to come by at altitude of 35,000 feet, where many things are conspiring against you sleeping off: engines sound,  passengers next to you; the lack of neck support in seat. Some places, however, are better than others for getting some a comfortable sleep. Window seats give you control of the window shade and a place to rest your head. They also mean that you don’t need to be woken up every time the passenger next to you needs the toilet.Yes, a window seat at the front of the plane, where it is also quieter.
    If you want a better dining experience

    As per a research report, plane food tastes better at the front of the aircraft, where it is quieter and the air is more humid. “Dry cabin air and the loud engine noise all contribute to our inability to taste and smell food and drink,” a reasearcher on gastrophysics told. Amazed? Sit as close to the cockpit as possible if you want to make plane food taste delicious. More often than not you’ll also get served first near cockpit.

    If you need more leg room space

    Seats in exit rows have more legroom than most, as do seats at the bulkhead of aeroplane. Such seats are, however, in high demand, passengers in exit rows, for instance, must be willing to assist in the evacuation of the aircraft during an emergency. Some airlines charge for seats with extra legroom due to comfort space. Yes,  seat at the bulkhead, ideally more in the middle, which means fellow passengers won’t have to step over you en route to the loo.

    If you’re travelling with kids

    Travelling with children can be something of an unknown quantity. Will they cry, will they be excitable, will they sleep like a log, will you need to accompany them on multiple bathroom visits? Perhaps all four of those possibilities will play out if you’re going long haul. Ifvyou think so, get a seat at the bulkhead, which has more room and is near the bathroom.

    If you want to spread out

    Flights will often take off with empty seats and there are ways to increase your chances of sitting next to one of them. If your airline has not yet replaced its check-in staff with computers, ask the person over the counter how busy the plane is. If it’s not busy, ask politely if they’d be kind enough to put you next to an empty seat.
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