Top Foods That We Consume Daily Are Deadly Poisonous


    Our health is very important. If we have a sound health then we will have a physically and mentally healthy body. We eat various kinds of food for our survival but some of them are not health friendly. What? Consumption of food is a health hazard factor? Oh my god, unbelievable…

    Yes, you may think the same. Not all the foods, but there are a certain food that is highly toxic if precaution is not taken while consuming them. Although these foods are rich in dietary nutrient but they contain some toxicity which is totally health hazard. So, let’s have a look over here:

    1. Tomatoes

    Do not eat a lot of tomatoes because the seeds of them are highly toxic in nature and contain some chemicals which are deadly poisonous to health if taken more in amount.

    2. Apple Seeds

    Seeds of Apple contain Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN), which is a toxic chemical and may create a lot of health hazard.

    3. Elderberries

    Elderberries are generally used to prepare wine. They can be consumed if washed properly. But do not eat the other part of the plants as they are deadly poisonous.

    4. Potatoes

    We eat a lot of potatoes but say a big NO to GREEN POTATOES because they contain such kind of poison that may lead to nausea or even vomiting.

    5. Kidney Beans

    Kidney Beans, also called “Raajma” is used everywhere as an additional food flavor in marriage, parties and so on. It is highly and deadly poisonous if it is consumed under-cooked. It should be cooked properly so that you can consume it without any risk.

    6. Jack Fruit

    Jack fruit, commonly called “Katahar” in Nepali is a food that resembles the taste of meat. We often like to eat raw jack fruit by cooking it. But do you know that it increases blood pressure to an extreme level? Yes, it’s true. Do not consume Jack Fruit if you are a sufferer of high blood pressure.

    So, what do you think all about this? Is the article informative to you? Please don’t linger to submit your perception in the comment box.

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