Top 10 Nepali Myths That You Might Have Heard In Your Childhood | Part 1


    Hello guys, welcome to NAJ Entertainment’s Official Website. Today in this article we will publish some top sayings proverb (Nepali Myths) that are still prevailing in our society. We Nepalese, in fact, still believe the traditional riots or rules made by our ancestors. All the myths are considered as a health point of view, to enhance the personal health, hygiene, behavior and to make ownself adjustable in the society. Although a fewer people take it negatively, it has a lot of positive effect in our health and lifestyle, as mentioned by our grandparents.

    So, let’s begin from here.

    1. If you touch your nose while you’re sitting on the toilet, then you probably may get wound inside your nose.

    2. If the fire burns continuously producing the sound, then certainly some guests may come to your home.

    3. If your ear produces whizzing sound then somebody, somewhere, may be backbiting you.

    4. If you get continuous hiccupping, then someone is remembering you.

    5. If you see white patches in your nail, then you will get new clothes.

    6. If your hand itches, you will be benefitted with money from somewhere.

    7. It’s not good to trim your nails and hair in the night time before you go to bed. It is considered as a bad sign.

    8. If you do not blow air on your fingers after touching your neck, then you will surely get Goitre in your neck.

    9. If you eat something in the dark, then the ghost will put their hands forward to ask food from you.

    10. If you lick Serving Spoon, then you will get heavy rainfall on your wedding day.

    So how did you find all these myths? Astonishing and amazing right? Yes, still our grandparents, my parents and even some of us believe all these facts, even though they are not approved scientifically. We can never go out of the saying or tales of our parents, no matter how hard we try.

    We will bring back some new myths in another part. Mention and share with your friends and add some in the comments section below.

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