Testony’s Survey Creates a Hit Ridge in Local Languages in Facebook


    You love it or hate it, but you can’t ignore it

    We are talking about the hilarious Test apps that the social media is going gaga over. Such test apps are not new on Facebook but the latest one to hit the block is Testony’s survey in English, Nepali, Hindi and other local languages and also adding to it an Nepalese reply to an English question.
    Fun Test apps (Quizzstar, nametests, meaww, fruityfifty, etc) have always been providing an altogether different taste to the users since a long time, but this time the latest Testony’s survey has come out with some hilarious results to some basic generic questions. For questions like ‘When will you get married’, ‘What does people really think about you looking at your photo’, ‘What will you become after 10 years’, ‘What does your Gf/Bf will offer you to do after your marriage’, ‘What does your future hold’ etc. have brought out some amusing answers while insulting the users in a sarcastic manner, which has further made the situation even more side-splitting.

    Moreover, the captions that the users have put up while sharing these test results has made the news feed gone absolutely crazy!

    These test results are taken in a jovial manner by many, while only a few have taken them seriously. They have either believed results it to the utmost or have put up status updates criticising the test vehemently.

    However, these tests have also been linked with some relating pictures of the question searched, in the background of the result and to questions like ‘Want to know about you?’, ‘What is the personality of your zodiac sign?,’ have increased the number of users getting themselves involved with it. This gives immense pleasure to the person, who wants to know more of him and if somehow it relates with his personality if these tests seem to possess a tinge of reality with it. But these are only a matter of entertainment which evaluates the professional aptitude of the users.

    Here we have some expamle test results for you from Facbook :

    In some cases it was seen that people have started long debates and discussions on their respective Facebook walls about Testony’s survey in Nepali language.

    Irrespective of everything of what people have said, whether they like it, love it, ignore it, or hate it- Testony has become popular among the users due to the mere touch of the languages in their local aptitude and people who were never seen sharing any such updates regarding their future or love life were seen sharing. And when asked as what made them take the test or share it, the simple answer was- “Nothing can be sweeter than to get trolled by Facebook in your native language.”

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