Terai Region Alert, Chances of Heavy Rainfall Tonight.


    28 Shrawan, Saturday

    A News On Social Media has gone viral from this Morning time. Bhim Upadhyaya- Secretary Nepal Trust Government has updated on Facebook saying that tonight there’s a chance of heavy rainfall ever in the history of Nepal.

    He furthermore writes that an Emergency Meeting Was held regarding the heavy rainfall in the Terai belts of Nepal and the commission has Alert the Terai region this time saying that the region is in the state of risk. The rainfall tonight will exceed the limit of rainfall yet and perhaps it will be the most heaviest rainfall ever in the history according of Nepal. There’s a chance of Cloud Burst which means the size of rain droplets and its intensity will be huge.

    Many peoples have lost their life as well as a lot of people became homeless because of massive rainfall in the terai region of Nepal. Here’s the Screenshot of the Post made by Bhim Upadhyaya On Facebook.

    The News has gone viral all over the Social Media.

    Due to continuous and heavy rainfall, the Airport of Biratnagar has been flooded as well as a large number of homes are swept away as in the following pictures.

    Similarly the Condition of East-west highway has become more worse. A massive landslide has blocked the road of Daunne in Nawalparasi district which is main highway of Nepal. More than 50 percent of a side of the road is devastated. Following pictures shows the incident.

    Not only this, the flood has destroyed and devastated many places. Government has given alert to most of the Areas in the Terai Region. Stay Safe and share this post among all.

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