Sydney- Australia Kanda Gone Viral


A new kanda that is Sydney Australia Kanda is going viral all over Nepalese social media at this moment. Most of you may be puzzled and wonder to know what does this Sydney kanda actually mean to say? Well, this is a true confession where a lady girl from Australia has confessed herself on a True Confession Nepali Page “Nepalese Teenagers Confession”. Have a glimpse over the post.

In this confession, it is truly written that a lady girl (saali) was with her sister and vinaju. Both sisters were intimate with each other and used to share each and everything. One day saali happened to sleep with her vinaju and did every physical thing. Her sister came to know about this and she got upset and angry with her little sister. Finally, the younger sister (Saali) convinced her sister that this thing is completely natural and we can share each and everything. Finally, her sister was convinced and they both agreed to share their things. Now the younger sister is going to marry and her elder sister has become very happy to know that she will be enjoying with the husband of her younger sister.

This is amazing and hilarious. The trend that the western culture has brought, has put on negativity and a lot of impacts on the socio-cultural aspect. A lot of trolls are getting viral along with this post on social media.

Isn’t that a big LOL? For more updates, keep visiting our website.

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