Subisu website hacked by “SUBISU PIDIT” : See epic reactions from facebook


    Recently Subisu website got hacked by a hacker named “Subisu Pidit”. This news went viral in facebook and peoples commented on the news was too epic. Instead of feeling sorry to Subisu for such moment, they became more and more happy. In this article we present you some epic comments along with the screenshot of the website at the moment it was hacked. Here we go:

    When it was hacked, the website look was as:

    You can clearly see Subiu Pidit on the screenshot. This means the service provided by Subisu is not satisfactory. Subisu needs to upgrade their quality.

    Here are epic comments:

    Dipesh Neupane was worried if anyone dissatisfied with country might hack Nepal country one day.

    National Honor ! Seriously

    Is Vianet really amazing?

    Now here comes Deepak who wants to donate that guy !

    More happier than when she gets Bonus for Dashain !

    Their team is losing !

    Anand Pangeni says he will offer him Worldlink subscription, but he need to hack again when site get recovered.

    So these are some of the epic comments. If you have any comments on the incident, you can add them below on comment box. Do you really think that hacking is good? Leave your perception too !

    Have a good day !

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