Story Of A Man – What Happens When A Call Girl Becomes Own Wife?


Here is an epic Article for you today. In this article, I am going to talk about a short real story which is presented in a video/audio format and it is totally epic and heart touching. It is a video where a boy represents his own life. The boy(speaker) tells about his life from the initial, from his school life. This video is for social awareness and positivity.

He says that he had married a girl with whom he was in love for three years but the wife is no more with him. He further adds about his family structure and his family life. His brother and dad used to work in India and he had an eyesight with one girl at school. He now wanted to go to school just to see her. He further said that she failed her exam but he passed the exam. His friends forced him to get married. He ran away with the girl and the family was quite happy. He had a baby in a year. Everybody was happy. Time went on, he wanted to go abroad for working process.

He wanted to go abroad to make his family happy, to give good education to his son, to bring his father back from India because he was old and could not work anymore. His final decision was to go abroad. Finally, with wet eyes and to accomplish a dream of successful life he went abroad. He spent 3 years in Malaysia. He used to call his wife and she used to cut off the phone or switch off the phone. He called his mother and had an enquiry about his wife. His mother complained that a man used to visit her every day on a motorbike and take her somewhere. They used to spend more time together. When he listens to this fact, he could not control himself. He goes to the flashback, three years of love was not a joke as well as he got married to her with the dream of bright future.

He didn’t want to go to work anymore now. He wanted to come to Nepal. When everybody comes to know that he is coming to Nepal, then his wife run away with someone else. He now didn’t want to come to Nepal and he stays for few more years. After 7 years he wanted to come to Nepal bringing a lot of gifts to his members. As well, he immensely wanted to see his son. He finally comes to Nepal. His friends and he stays in a hotel and wanted to spend quality time in the hotel. His friends insisted to call some call girls. The girls were called to an individual room. His wife could not recognize him as he had a beard on his face. And the moment when she comes to know that he was actually his husband was shocking.

Listen to the story in this video. This video will probably bring positive change in our society.

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