Some Interesting Facts About English Language


    English is fundamentally indispensable language. This language is supported wherever you go, whatever you do. It is a Global language and common means of communication. At current condition, its importance has been extended. A man should have the ability to talk, make and read English tongue. For the most part, the individual will be worth of nothing is he is not ready to form or read genuinely normal and direct sentences as well. So here we demonstrate to you some staggering and fascinating realities about the English language you will unquestionably need to know.

    1. The two words “Silent” and “Listen” are spelled with the same letters.


    2. The “queue” is the only word in the English language where 80% of the words are not used during pronunciation.


    3. TYPEWRITER is only the longest word in English that is written from the top line of QWERTY keyboard.


    4. “GO” is the shortest complete sentence in English.

    5. English is the language of airways too. This implies all pilots, paying little mind to their beginning or local language need to communicate just through English.


    6. A new word is added in the dictionary in every two hours.


    7. The day going before today is called ‘yesterday’, we as a whole fathom what! Nevertheless, did you know the day after tomorrow is called ‘overmorrow’?


    8. The greater part of the words in English dialect starts with “S” letter than some other.


    9. There is no word in English dialect which rhymes with ‘month’, ‘orange’, ‘silver’, or ‘purple’.

    How did you find it? Astonishing right? Well, give your response in the comment section and also mention if you have any. For more updates keep visiting.

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