Some Epic And Funny Posts, Comments And Conversations | Part – 1


    Hello Guys, Welcome to NAJ Entertainment’s Official Website. Today, you will see here some amazing and funny posts made on Facebook with funny comments. You will just go ROFL after reading the post beneath.

    Here we present some secret conversations between two persons, along with some amazing post made in secret group.

    Note that we’ve blurred the identity of the peoples and groups because of privacy issue.

    1. Screenshot between a boy and a girl named “Garima”. Later the boy, himself, gets trolled by the girl.

    2. A boy posted something in a secret group, the question here is very funny.

    3. An innocent kid posted on Facebook Saying “Earthquake came, my friend fell down while running, but I didn’t run.” See how the post happen to come in Nepali

    4. A boy of age 19 posted in a secret group asking “how to quit smoking?” And the comment here is very funny.

    5. An woman, posted something in a secret group which is totally hilarious and amazing.

    6. A boy trying to show that his mind works better than others but he got questioned in the comment which is totally shocking.

    7. Conversation between a boy and a girl in which boy asked something to girl and she denied to reply saying it’s a childish question. Later boy asked something different and genuine and the reply from girl goes like this

    8. An update made by a boy saying that he used to love a girl when he was in his school’s life. At present, the son of that girl is the partner of him.

    9. A girl posted something and the comment from the boy is hilarious.

    10. Secret conversation between a boy and a girl. The girl sends message to the innocent boy saying that she is pregnant and she’s unknown who’s the father. She is seeking help from that boy. WTF man, haha how can he help her?

    11. Secret conversation between a boy and a girl. Boy requests her to send her a picture and the girl denies that he may eat her. Haha, now look at the sense of humor of that boy.

    12. A boy made a help post in a secret group asking if he can join +2 without getting bachelor level. The sense of humor is astounding because people, these days, makes unusual help post and seek for unusual things. 

    13. A girl posted in her Facebook wall saying that she is very happy because her elder brother got good percentage in the results and now she wants some delicious sweet from him. But the style of making is like LOL.

    14. A boy who is good at English will be flying to US soon and calling his friends to join the party tonight in his own home. Please teach me this kind of English, I also want to learn something and become perfect in English language.


    So, aren’t this posts/comments/conversations hilarious and funny?

    Give your feedback and which one you liked the most in the comment box. Your number may come next time. HAHA

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