Some Epic And Funny Post, Comments And Conversations | Part – 2


    Hello guys, Welcome to NAJ Entertainment’s Official Website. Do you remember the last article related to epic comments, post, conversations leaked on a screenshot? If you have not seen the previous post then have a glance here to see the previous posts.

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    So, today we are presenting you the same kinds of epic posts and their comments, secret conversation between two peoples and some hilarious post on the secret group you might not have seen before. So then are you ready? Let’s have a look.

    Note that we’ve blurred the identity of the peoples and groups because of privacy issue.

    1. A boy asks a girl if she is failed in English and the reply from her is totally hilarious and will give you a big LOL.

    2. A boy makes a post saying “I don’t give a shit” and the comment there from his friend is astounding.

    3. Help post from a boy where he asks the members of a secret group to upload a photo “Boy waiting for a girl” in the comment and the reply will give you a big LOL.

    4. A secret conversation between two friends where one friend ask either “Bhaalu” (Bear) is available in her locality or not and the reply from the girl is awesome.

    5. Now here, Ncell gets trolled. A boy asks either the SIM works or not if that is not used for a year. Here Ncell replies to that customer saying “If the SIM is not used for one year then it will be closed and should be re-activated”. But here the reply from the same boy (customer) will make you go ROFL.

    6. Here a boy makes a post in a secret group asking a suitable and lovely name that he can call to his girlfriend but the replies there are totally shocking and funny.

    7. That person is considered as a brave person who checks either the water has come or not in the toilet before sitting down.

    8. A boy says “Only Newari” are cute, and the other person replies there saying “Ask an Engineering Student with no girl in his class, he will say all the girls are cute” 

    9. Last but not the least, totally hilarious post where a boy says that one of his friends is coming from somewhere to his hometown and he has come with the purpose of……….. (LOL read the post and the comments there by yourself)


    So, aren’t this all posts hilarious and comedy? Which one did you like the most? Give your response in the comment section below. We will post the third part of Some Epic And Funny Posts, Comments And Conversations soon. Keep updated.

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