Silence is GOLDEN trending over Social Media, and the reason is amazing


    If you have seen Silence is Golden in comments, posts, tweets or anywhere, you might be wondering what actually the meaning is. After seeing many posts on timeline, you might have been curious to know the meaning and not found the way to know about it. Then, NAJ Entertainment is here to make you clear on the matter.

    After Class 11 NEB examination started today, Compulsory English exam was held successfully. In Question number 6, there was an unseen paragraph question. The question read as:

    If photo loading took time here’s the original text:

    6. Read the following passage and answer the questions below.

    Behind them, in support, are the proverbs makes, on whose banner is inscribed the words ‘silence is golden’ words they must use, but they have no love for them. Speech is to them a danger, a device for entangling men. They feel that all may be understood so long as nothing is said: that only in silence can reach out to mind and the heart be known. In the exchange of words, their personalities do not expand but contract; they see the lovely procession of thought and feeling turn into a dusty and disorderly crowd of words and phrases. They see the talkers with fear and contempt, stripping themselves in public, like exhibitionists. The talkers can not understand the silent, nor can the silent explain their attitude, except in speech. This illuminates the weakness of their belief, that they must convince us of uselessness of speech by means of speech.


    a) What is the main idea of the passage?

    b) What is the special merit of silence?

    c) How do the silent look upon speech?

    d) What is meant by ‘stripping themselves in public, like exhibitionist’?

    e) Give the passage a suitable title.


    So, some exam attendees couldn’t get the unseen passage  and posted on social media which made Silence is Golden a trending topic for today

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