Shiva Pariyar hits Nepal Idol Judges : Watch video interview here


    Nepal Idol judges are getting criticized for unfair judgments. Many have criticized the judges. And after all here comes our popular singer Shiva Pariyar with his views on the matter. Here we present you all his video interview about Nepal Idol Judge Dispute.

    Watch the view of Rajesh Payal Rai on the matter here : RajeshPayal Rai slams on the face of Nepal idol judge

    About Shiva Pariyar

    Shiva Pariyar released his debut album ‘Mokshya’ 2006 and reappeared with his second album Swayam in 2009. He released his 3rd album Kadambini, followed by Kya Dami and Pagal in 2009 and 2010 respectively.His personal achievements include ‘Best Vocal Performance/ Image Award 2009’ for Dherai Choti Mare Mata, ‘Best Vocal Performance Kalika FM Awards 2009’ for Kaha Thiyau Timi Ranga Manch , Annapurna FM Music Award 2010 for Dherai Choti, CG Digital Filmfare Award for Naya Jasto Hunna Raicha from the movie ‘Shreeman’ and Best Play Back Singing/ Kalika FM Music Award for ‘Sangai Dubdai Chhu Timro Yaad Ma’ has proved him for becoming a highly appreciated singer.

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