Second phase election postponed, grade 11 students getting high


    ‚ÄčNepal had their local level election after 20 years few weeks ago. Due to political issues, government didn’t conduct election in most of the area of Nepal. Then, they postponed election for Jestha 31. Again, political issues couldn’t be solved and election commission said they can’t conduct election on Jestha 31. Then, government gave a new date of Ashar 9. Since Muslims’ are on their holy month and other reasons, again it got postponed to Ashar 14. This was getting high to citizens.

    Along with this, another issue got rise. The issue of grade 11 board exam. Previously, NEB had a shedule of grade 11 exam from Baisakh 15. They postponed to Ashar 1 Again due to change in election date, they postponed to Ashar 15. But, now it got too much, and they have pre scheduled the exam routine from Ashar 1(unofficial claims).

    Grade 11 students, and other social media users took it too high. Here we are with how social media reacted on back to back postponement of election date. We are here with comments on post of a popular facebook page “Routine of Nepal Banda”, widely known for their hardworking to share info about banda/strike, news and other viral contents.
    Here is their post and epic comments as seen :

    This comment was most epic among them:

    Bikash Chapagain suggested a easier trick that citizens will welcome for sure:

    Here’s the short background on Local elections’ in Nepal :

    Local elections were held in 53 municipalities in February 2006/8/9 under King Gyanendra but were boycotted by the major political parties and saw low voter turnout. Prior to 2006, the previous elections was held in 1997 with a mandate of five years. Elections were supposed to be held on 2002 but were delayed due to the then ongoing Nepal Civil War.

    With the promulgation of the new constitution in 2015, a three-tier governance system was introduced, with national, provincial and local levels of governance. A Local Body Restructuring Commission was established as required by the constitution under the chairmanship of Balananda Paudel. The commission proposed 719 local structures which was revised to 744 by the government. The new local levels were formed by changing the existing cities and village development council and came into existence on 10 March 2017.

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