Second hand bike on sale : Interested buyers came with epic comments


    A guy posted on a SECOND HAND BUY AND SELL Facebook group that he wanted to sell his bike. He was just making some fun. Then came the interested buyers with more epic comments. Today’s article is about the same post. Here we go :

    First let me show the bike he had displayed. This was his bike. Its condition shows it all that he was trying to crack some jokes there for fun.

    His post in the group went like this. The caption made clear that he was cracking jokes there.

    He didn’t like to give it for free neither anyone wanted to take that bike . But some Facebook ¬†users came down in comment section with epic comments.

    Sanjeev Salman posted a picture comment with another bike for exchange.

    Sanjeev Jhyakhow want to exchange with samsung s7

    Lol, Remosh Gurung wants to exchange with UN ko gaadi.

    Sajan K Sea said, what’s the rate per kilogram !

    Wounded Spirit wants to buy it for a plate of Buff MOMO

    Sud Ip was asking either tyre is MRF or not ?


    Aren’t these comments funny and epic ? Swipe for more interesting comments .

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