Few days back you might have heard the rumors that India banned the consumption of popular Chinese food momo. Many of us argued telling the news is fake. But you might be amazed to know that it’s true. Anti-momo campaign in India is increasing more in India and they are able to convince people not to consume momo. Also, Indian law favors the ban on momo.

    BJP MLC from Jammu says ‘momo is a killer’

    India prohibits the consumption of Monosodium Gluconate (MSG). MSG is the salt like ingredient added in foods to make them delicious. It is widely used in momo too. MSG is a cause of many diseases like cancer, migraine. Also, food scientist believes that replacing addictive taste maker MSG with iodised salts won’t make Chinese food any better.

    The refined flour used in making the foods is unhygienic. It is just steamed that makes it difficult to be digested. There have been cases in India when doctors have had to operate upon youths for more than 20 times to cure intestinal problem.

    This famous food in South Asian region, momo is much more popular in India and Nepal. In India, anti momo campaign started after a house member of BJP raised the issue from Jammu Kashmir. He recently requested Health minister from his own party to declare BAN on momo nationwide. He also said that even if the government doesn’t ban momo, he will work on to ban momo from Jammu Kashmir.

    Let’s come to Nepal now. What will you do if momo gets banned in Nepal? Surely most of KTMites will miss their favorite dish then. Let’s go for hygienic momo rather than prohibiting its consumption. BAN on momo is not the solution.

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