A Sad Poem Written By A Handicapped Boy Darshan KC


Today in this article, I’m publishing a poem written by a handicapped child. His name is Darshan KC and he is from Baneshwor, Kathmandu. He is a boy of 18 years old. The sad thing about Darshan is that he is physically disabled and he writes with his nose. He uses his nose to write and he is interested in writing poetry. A poem written by him is published in today’s article.

Can my scarlet blood become white?

“I’m waking up from the bed by blowing away to my quilt of cotton,
which I had begged from the sky, and that’s why there is no any wool,
and, I’m seeing entire stars are smiling gladly with gleams of adorn,
but, even my heart is in acids which can make my blood cool,
because one of the ominous scenes is slapping badly to my eyes,
because I, I am seeing billions of stars are doing sadly suicide,
my room is getting darker, stars are leaving to the skies,
even raped moon is splashing its victim light with doing ride,
oh, no, suddenly my son is waking up sadly with seeking my arm,
you are hugging me with sinking world from your tears of the drop,
now I’m seeing the room is inviting to some candles, I’m in the charm,
when you opened old wood window carrying the hope,
you are treading your eyes in the sky where has a heaven of a door,
with, rising your chaste heart on the top rejoice along to a flower,
but suddenly you are burying your breath in a grieves of the store,
because you are kneeling a question on down heart’s leg of a tower,
dear mum, why always moon wear shroud along to hair,
with splashing, it’s victim gleam in the gloomy world of entire,
by taking to the world on a gloomy snowy land of the stair?
can’t, the moon grabs a scarlet rose and hug to the rainbow, fire?

dear son, look because I’m wearing a silky shroud,
which, can lurk to the world in a gloomy coffin as the cold corse,
so, that’s why you are seeing stalks of white cloud,
dear son, even I couldn’t able to grab a bloomy scarlet rose,
for, adorning it on my head which can tread me on the path of joy,
because I have flushed my vermilion on the chaste sea of a boat,
dear son, even I can’t carry any scarlet thing even your red toy,
after your father had forgotten to blow his fair breath from the throat,
dear son, maybe I should have to sell my entire scarlet blood,
because, the world is still accusing that I’m carrying a thing of red,
ok, take my scarlet things, I’m tired of sinking in an acid of the flood,
I wish I could kneel my heart to the vermilion before my death,
dear son, because I have a dream to grab roses, flowers of hand,
because I have a dream to write a letter to the smiling rainbow,
because I have a dream to go to orchard instead tomb of land,
for making my lip to red by begging ink from roses of meadow,
because I have a dream to carry billions of tasty strawberry,
on my lap, which you bring with saying hi to thorn of shrill,
and I could carry you on my silky lap with countless merry,
my breath will begin to tread gladly on a shiny way of heal,
because I have a dream,
because I have a dream.”
Written by Darshan Kc Saanku
NEP DATE: 2074 Mangshir 24 Sunday

Here are some photos of him along with the heart touching status. 

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