Rising Youtuber from Nepal : Watch his videos here


    Hello everyone ! Now get ready to gain some humor. In this article, you will be provided with Podcast by a Nepali Guy. Most of us are habituated to watch Indian videos to laugh out. Skipping to Sandeep Chhetri, we chose Kapil Sharma and so on. So, lets go with this Youtuber from Nepal who regularly uploads videos on YouTube under the name of Why So Offended.

    He has named his weekly humor pill as Awenest Podcast and is successfully going with 9th episode. He is none other than Binayak Kuikel. So, lets move on with his awenest podcasts.

    Precaution: Donot take it seriously !

    WSO | Awenest Podcast: Ep9

    WSO | Awenest Podcast: Ep8

    WSO | Awenest Podcast: Ep7

    WSO | Awenest Podcast: Ep6

    WSO | Awenest Podcast: Ep5

    WSO | Awenest Podcast: Ep4

    WSO | Awenest Podcast: Ep3

    WSO | Awenest Podcast: Ep2

    WSO | Awenest Podcast: Ep1

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