Reason Behind Several Air Crashes In Nepal (Revealed)


    A few days ago, we have posted an article about a plane crash in Lukla where a pilot “Prakash Kumar Rai” was killed. The secrecy behind the often Air crashes in Nepal is leaked out. Majorities of the airlines in Nepal seem to be crashed; do you know what the actual reason is? Here we have got some secrecy which is revealed out by one of the workers from an Airline company. It’s all about business, private business policies. The life of a person may be at risk even though the insurance policy is allocated to the passengers. Here’s the real truth behind Air Crash sent by an anonymous (Due to privacy issue, we can’t disclose the name of that person here).

    Lukla has high-frequency flight as compared to that of other rural areas and a single well-equipped hospital is not there in such a place, the co-pilot died after suffering for 7 hours (heights of carelessness). Had there been a good hospital, he would have survived and many cases like that have happened in the past as well. Since Lukla is highly profitable sector, the airlines push it hard for the captains to fly. Another, the rules and policy of CAAN are such that is further bolsters airlines’ unconscionable policies and play with the lives of most of the captains. The captain’s if they don’t want to fly to Lukla, the resignation policy doesn’t allow them to leave the company for one year, and CAAN doesn’t issue their license unless the company gives them a release. The pilots and then are set in a trap and so they are forced to fly. To the level, they suffer from fatigue and loose the mindset of conscience during emergency periods. Both the companies and Government is to be blamed: the government has been in fact fostering the private companies to take away the people’s life. And the pilot association basically belongs to the private companies’, so it is bound to do what the companies tell them to do. And making an investigation is just a drama when the CAAN itself is to be blamed? They are saying Complex terrain but they are doing nothing and just sitting.

    Seems like they are keeping dust in their eyes.

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