RajeshPayal Rai slams on the face of Nepal idol judges, watch video interview here


    Nepal Idol judges are getting criticized for unfair judgments. Many have criticized the judges. And after all here comes our popular singer Rajesh Payal Rai with his criticism. He says,” Judges are not judging properly. They are judging contestant on basis of their dress up. Does Nepal Idol means to promote rich contestants only?” He adds,”They are not giving justice to voices. Judge means one who can analyze every kind of voices.”

    Here is his video


    About Rajesh Payal :

    Rajesh Payal Rai born 30 September 1975 is a Nepali singer and actor referred to in the media as the ” Rai is King”. He is a well known versatile singer in the Nepali music Industry. He has recorded several popular private albums such as Darshan Namaste, Rai is King and Syamuna . He has sung Japanese and Bhojpuri songs also.

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