Rajendra Khadki Accuse Anmol KC Saying “He Has Kept Eyesight On My Girlfriend”


    Anmol KC is considered as a well known who often comes to several issues. A number of youngsters are the fan of him. His crazy fans won’t miss a single movie of him. To such a level that the number of young girls calling him “Dream Boy” has been sharply increased.

    But another old actor, as well as villain Rajendra Khadki, has claimed something serious on Anmol KC. He claims that a young of Anmol’s age is a girlfriend of him and that furthermore says that Anmol has put on his sight of that girl.
    He says “Anmol is no less than his father Bhuwan KC, he has sight on my girlfriend. One day I was with my girlfriend and Anmol requested to send a picture of her. I insisted my girlfriend send the picture of both of us and she sent the picture in which I was also there, and won’t the Anmol go insane and mad?”
    Rajendra Khakdi says that he has a lot of girlfriends, so many in numbers that he doesn’t even have time to count. He has given an interview to the media where he says everything about his love and $ex life. He says that he has an age gap of 30 years with his girlfriend and being in a relationship and giving a breakup is normal for him, he further says. He stays in a relationship with girls of age 24-25 in this old age.
    Furthermore, he adds that he just went on date, a week ago. When he returns from date, his wife tells him to take a bath, no matter what the time is. Even in the midnight, he had to take a bath as per the request of his wife, according to him. Very excitedly he says about the thirst of $ex “We should eat the leg piece until we have teeth and plow till the end, as much as we can”
    Watch this Video to know more

    So, either this is true or just for the sake of fun he might have said, is still unknown. Give your perception in the comment section below.

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