Priyanka Karki Interview, secrects reveald by herself


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    First of all let me present you all with a short biography on Priyanka Karki. Born in 27th February 1987 to the parents Bhupendra Karki and Raksha Malhotra Karki with younger brother Pranit Karki as her sibling, Priyanka was always fascinated with acting. Her career into the glamour world started early in the age of 18 when she participated and won the Miss Teen Nepal 2005 event including Miss Intelligent, Miss Bikini and Miss Talent Awards. She went on to take the career of VJ in popular Kantipur Television in which she hosted shows like Celluloid and The Glam Factor. The acting skills that she displayed in Gharbeti Ba, a comedy TV series earned her huge crowd of fans.

    Let’s ,move to the topic now. Now here we present you all with interview of Priyanka Karki where she revealed many secrets herself. Watch till end, you will surely get shocked knowing her secrets.

    Here is another interview again where she reveals about her love affairs.

    Again she talks about her affair with Ayushman Joshi in this interview

    On Masti talk with onlinekhabar, she opened many things about her, that most of us didn’t knew earlier.

    At last we present you a funny interview which was made my editing many of her interview. You will definitely laugh out loud after watching this interview.

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