Priyanka Aayushman affair revealed : How fans responded is too hilarious


    Priyanka Karki is the most popular actress from Nepal. Recently we had the rumour of her love affair with Chapali Height 2 debut actor Aayushman Deshraj Joshi. But, again she refused it calling him as a brother.

    Priyanka is also renowned as a scandal queen. Whenever media is about to forget her she comes with a new ninja technique. This tricky way of Priyanka never let her out of media.

    Today in an award ceremony at Kathmandu, Priyanka and Aayushman both got personal awards. You all might have known about this news. During the ceremony, as Priyanka returned to dash from stage receiving her award, Aayushman hugg£d and k!$$£d her. Brother and mother of Aayushman were watching this scene carefully. Lol, and the media too. Again, Aayushman returned from stage receiving his personal award and again they did the same as before.


    After the news became viral, fans and criticiser responded too hilariously. Here we are with the comments as seen on news links. Here we go:





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