Prem Geet 2 trailer getting dislikes, and the reason will make you serious on the matter


    Awaited Sequel of love story based movie Prem Geet recently released their trailer on youtube. Featuring Pradeep Khadka and Aaslesha Thakuri, this film is set to release on 13th Shrawan. In three days the trailer has crossed 4 lakh viewers on youtube. The video has got 14 thousand likes and 12 thousand dislikes. (till this article was prepared)

    Why is the trailer getting such a huge number of dislikes? Film unit got obsessed with this. And they came out with the reason too. The reason will surely make you serious on the matter if you are a Nepali film lover.

    As per Santosh Sen, producer of Prem Geet, dislikes on youtube are not from Nepalese. They are from such countries where only a few Nepalese have gone for any purpose. As data provided by Santosh Sen, Prem Geet trailer has received 2021 dislikes from Venezuela, 1950 dislikes from Chili, 1810 from Columbia, 1708 from Peru and many other countries. 

    So, this clearly shows that someone is there who is buying dislikes from Latin America against Prem Geet. Do you think to go against Nepali movie in such a third class way is good? Leave your opinion.


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