Prakash Dahal posted BLOOD required post and this is how peoples reacted


    You might all know about Prakash Dahal, son of PrimeMinister Pushpakamal Dahal Prachanda. He is one of the highly criticized public figures in Nepal. A few days ago, he posted a blood required post on his facebook fan page and facebookers responded him in an unexpected way.

    His original post goes like this:

    Now see how peoples responded to that post :

    Keep scrolling guys. More epic comments are still down. Don’t miss it.

    Peoples responded in a great way. Scroll to the bottom, there’s a comment which might change your perception on Prakash Dahal.

    There were some epic positive and negative responses. Finally, I found a genuine comment which was positive.  Though he is the highly criticized figure, he is really thankful for what he did. I will be providing you a lot of interesting stuff. Keep updated.

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