Potential wali got trolled again


    Troll has no limitations. When and where who will get trolled can’t be explained by theories. Here we are with Indira Joshi to show you all how she got trolled . She posted a photo on facebook and got trolled by her followers. It’s not first time she got trolled. After Nepal Idol auditions got broadcasted on AP1 HD television, she is continuously being trolled for word Potential . Here we are showing you how she got trolled. Epic comments from her facebook page for you all :

    Her original post :

    Few epic comments :

    Science student spotted ? talks about potential and kinetic energy:

    Now compared with our top pornstar Mia ?

    Jyoti fan comments :



    About Indira

    Along with her carrier singer, she is reknowned as a dancer and model too. Udhreko Choli from Loot singer Joshi gets an overwhelming crowd during concerts. Known as Nepali Shakira, Indira jugded first season of Nepal Idol . This Nawalparasian singer was born in 18th of July. Her famous songs are Udhreko Choli and Raato Ghangara. Currently Indira resides in Maitidevi Kathmandu.

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