Parents Sacrifice Almost Everything To Their Child | This Video Will Surely Make You Cry


    In this video, a young college girl asks her mother to give her 3000 rupees to go on a one-night college tour. Mother, in reply, says that the earnings are not as good as before. Also, I can’t carry on heavy load or work for a long time nowadays anymore, her mother further says. So she insists her daughter not to go on the college tour. After getting a negative answer from the mother, the daughter yells at her mother saying how she could be the only one to miss the tour when everybody else from the class is going. She even shouts at her mother accusing that she pretends of not having money.

    The following day, she enters the room and calls her mother but she could not find her mother there. At that moment, she gets a phone call and after receiving the call she hears something from an unknown person that makes her totally shocked. Breathing heavily, she runs at a place where she finds her mother lying down on the road. She asks a businessman about the fact of her mother, how come she happen to fall down on the ground? The businessman replies her that she was in need of some extra money and she wanted to do overtime job, He further adds that, he had insisted and persuade her not to work for a long time but she didn’t listen to him. Moreover, he says she has come from the morning and she carried the heavy load so that she can get an extra amount as an overtime charge and while carrying the loads she became faint.

    In the night time before sleeping, the mother enters her daughter’s room and she gives some money for her tour. This time the daughter doesn’t want to take money as she comes to know her mother’s condition. But her mother insists on taking money because she has the age of enjoying at present and she should enjoy. The daughter takes the money. But the scenario here is different, the money she gets from her mother is not for her tour program and fun anymore. The thing and moment here in the video will make you cry. She makes her mother amazed and surprised. To know the surprising moment check out this video. You will definitely come to know.

    This is the video that shows the realistic of our society. Every child expects a lot from his/her family but has never given anything to the family. Is there any single moment when you have brought a smile on the face of your parents? Can you proudly say “Yes, I have”? Love and respect your parents. They have brought you in this world, they have suffered a lot to bring you up to this level. They have lost their periods of sleep in the night just to make sure that you sleep in a comfortable way. So, respect and love your parents.

    How is the video? Astonishing and hear touching right? Well, give your response and feedback in the comment section below.

    Video Agency: Mumin Entertainment

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