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    So today in this article you’ll be able to get full knowledge about the online shopping sites from Nepal from where you can get various sorts of items !
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    Before starting this article I want to put a disclaimer that I am neither promoter nor any agent of these shopping sites,I have collected data from various web portals and also by looking at the feedback of the consumers/costumers. On the other hand I too have a good dealing experience with these sites !
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    So Guys If you are awaited to know about the shopping sites from where you can actually trust and buy the items than your wait is finally over! Below I have embedded a video that will give you a brief information about the nature of those e-commerce sites and also ranking is also done in this video !

    If you want to manually go to the site without watching the video then click the name of the sites below!

    1. Kaymu

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    Kaymu is the #1 online shopping community in Nepal. They connect buyers and sellers, but do not own any inventory of their own.  Their main aim is to bring e- commerce into the lives of Nepalese and to empower the local entrepreneurs.It is a reliable site for conducting online buying and selling !

    2. Nepbay
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    Nepbay is also one of the most widely used online shopping site that helps you to buy the stuffs online and also delivers it throughout the country. We can get a variety of stuffs in a reasonable price.It has made the local shops to sell their products online and connects the seller and buyer.
    3. Muncha
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    Muncha is a different nature of shopping site from where you can buy and send the stuffs to your beloved ones through easy payment procedure.On the other hand if you want to buy for yourself then it is also supported in this site.
    4. Sastodeal
    Image result for sasto dealSasto deal is an emerging and is a growing online shopping site that got very much popularity in a short period of time. It has a wide range of goods available and they are available at a very reasonable cost that you can actually afford. There are various hierarchy of delivery services available that might please you deeply !
    5. Hamro Bazaar
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    Hamrobazar  is a free online classified which enables individuals as well as companies to list wide variety of new or used product online. It’s aim is to prove that  Internet is a great promotional vehicle as well as communication channel for connecting buyers and sellers. is perfect solution which helps to list your products for free.

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