Oh ! Wait, Sindhu Malla is BACK to the industry


    After a long absence in Nepali music industry, Sindhu Malla is back with her BRAND NEW TEEJ SONG. She recorded “Ahile ko Teej” which is uploaded in Music Nepal YouTube channel. Featuring Barsha Shiwakoti and Barsha Rawat, this song is watched for bringing back the same genre of Teej Songs. Recently, teej songs were criticized for being more unfamiliar with the culture and more to more promoting vulgarity than reflecting the holy tradition. We hope that Sindhu Malla will give more to the Music Industry, mainly to the degrading Teej Song Genre.

    Here you can watch her new music video:

    Lastly, she had given Teej Aayo in 2012. You can watch it too here:

    Sindhu Malla is one of the most popular and most celebrated Singer from long time.We wish for success of this new song by Malla.

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