Niti Shah Vs Nikita Chandak | Whose Answer Was Better?


    Today in this article we are going to talk about the two most popular faces, Niti Shah and Nikita Chandak. The 22nd  Miss Nepal beauty pageant which was held on June 2, 2017, at Hotel Annapurna in Kathmandu was an astonishing moment. From the last selection round, the final decision regarding the new Miss Nepal 2017 was selected. Both the contestants were asked a question in the final round and both of them were looking quite nervous. The judge gave a question for them to answer. Let’s see what that question was.

    The question was “In your opinion what role can a Woman play in the economic development of the country?”

    Niti Shah, in her own words, said:

    What I believe is a woman is the best creation of the god so far and for a woman, I believe that she should be accessed to education first and the opportunities to any platform to show her abilities and to show her hidden talent. For me, we have a lot of woman in government. We have a president, we have chief justice. But I believe when a woman will be able to voice out in their houses to show what they have to move forward and to be independent and to take her family forward then I believe a woman will be able to take her society and nation as a whole and uplift the economy of the country.

    After Niti Shah, the same question was asked to Nikita Chandak.

    Nikita Chandak, in her own words, said:

    A woman is a beautiful creation of nature and to be a very fortunate, we the Nepalese are very fortunate that our woman population constitutes of 51.4%, we have more than what the male constitute. And talking about the economy, it is sad but we don’t really have as much percentage of a woman helping in the contribution of the Nepal’s economy. And woman today, if we see Miss Anuradha Koirala, she is doing best in her field. If we see Misses Bhawani Rana, she is doing great in her own field. If we see our own Rasna Gurung Sharma Maam, she is doing great in her own field. So we all woman are capable of doing anything so why not we have most of the ladies unbold to contribute in the Nepal’s economy and when the woman and man come together, it’s gonna be wonder for the Nepal and may be in the coming few years, Nepal’s gonna be listed among the developed nation.

    Here you can watch the same thing what they’ve said in this video too. The way they presented their answer was not bad.

    Anyways, Nikita Chandak was selected as a Miss Nepal 2017 from the final round, though both of them were outstanding. We NAJ team wish for a great future of both of them. How is the article? Give your response in the comment section below.

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