A girl fined for violating new pedestrian rule, her Facebook post again brought her in trouble


    On the first day of implementation of new traffic rules for pedestrian, traffic police has fined 1733 pedestrian in valley with gross fine amount of 3 lakh 46 thousands. We are not talking here about 1732 other users rather  about a girl who got fined . Yes the story begins here…

    As per violating the new pedestrian rules today, among 1733 violators, one of the facebook users also got caught in Kathmandu by traffic police while violating new rule. The traffic authority had already told about the provision of penalty to violator. And yes, she got fined for violating the rule. It was all over then. But, she did a mistake. She posted snap of the fine slip in facebook writing against traffic rules. Then facebook users reacted on her so hard. Here is her original post. Many facebook users commented on her post and many post came in same group about the same issue. Most of the posts and comments that came on the issue were negative. We didn’t got any positive comments and posts there. Among hundreds of comments and posts,here we are presenting you all with one post which might had hit her hard. The post went too viral and many negative comments got posted on her post. Facebook users went too vigorously against her that she couldn’t keep herself listening them. She thought to post again n same facebook group about the incident. And yes, she finally  came back with another post. She tried to clarify herself in her follow-up post. She went too politely in her follow-up post, but Nepalese facebook community, didn’t let her go easily. They commented so hard on her. This incident could be a life learning lesson for many of us who randomly post on social media.

    After reading this article, will you post randomly on social media without thinking twice the consequences that may arise?

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