Nepalese comments on Cristiano Ronaldo : humour level too HIGH


    Let me first tell you a fact on Cristiano about Nepal that you might not know.

    After Baisakh12 earthquake in Nepal, one news went too viral in Nepal. Mainstream media too published news quoting Cristiano donating £5million to Nepal. But the reality is different. Cristiano Ronaldo did not donate £5million to aid Nepal earthquake. Even Save the Children had to release a press note about this issue. Later, Cristiano agreed on fake news and said he raised awareness for collecting donations.

    Ronaldo is most celebrated and most criticized player in world. And the condition is same in case of Nepal too . When comparison term comes in football, Cristiano and Messi are compared highly. Them being attached to Spanish rivalry club Real Madrid and Barcelona, Messi VS Ronaldo debate takes place more often.

    In almost all active Football fight club groups in facebook, we find Messi and Ronaldo fans busy in keyboard war. They don’t wven leave the comment section of official fan page of the footballers. Today, I’m with some epic comments by Nepalese followers in Cristiano Ronaldo’s official fan page. Yesterday, he posted a picture on his facebook and some Nepalese social media users reacted to him hilariously . Here we go, starting with his original post.

    Here we go with some epic comments found there :

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