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    Home delivery is a traditional practice of Nepalese system. All delivery cases are not taken to the hospital or other health institutions because of poverty, lack of awareness and inaccessibility of health institutions. So, we have to analyze the one who assists during the delivery which is shown in table 7. People visit different health related institutions to check up their health and take treatment against disease or health problems. In this context, respondent were asked that to report the place where they visit for the first time while their children had illness. If a person wants to live in a sound health s/he should know the health condition of his/her own body. For this, every human should check up their health at least twice a year in normal condition. Here, respondents were asked to report the times that they visit health institution for their children and the response given by the respondents is presented in table 8. The mother who never visits the health institutions and thoseĀ» who visits only after occurring seven or dreadful diseases have no idea and information about her children health. However, the mother who visited the health institutions for more than 7 times also had difficulties and faced the child’s health related problems.


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