Nepal Oil Corporation Has Decreased The Price Of Petroleum Products


    Hiking and reducing the price of petroleum products is not a new thing for Nepal Oil Corporation. We sometimes, face a sharp increment in the price of petroleum products and sometimes the price is sharply reduced to some extent.

    So this time Nepal Oil Corporation has again decreased the price of petroleum products. The corporation has decreased the price of all three petroleum products by 1.50 rupees per liter from Friday midnight onwards. Now according to the new rate, the price of petrol will be 100 rupees per liter.
    Prior to this, the price of petrol was 101.50 NRs. Similarly, the same rate has been decreased in both Diesel and Kerosene and the new rate of Diesel and Kerosene is 76 rupees which were 77.50 NRs before. But the price of LPG Gas is not decreased. The current rate of LPG Gas is 1,375 NRs.
    The Oil Corporation is in the profit of 34 crores per month.
    Lest it is 1.50, the amount seems to be less but it somehow makes the people feel relief.

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